Nevada Divorce Laws & Vindictive Spouses

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 – Spiteful and Vindictive Spouse   Spiteful and Vindictive Spouse? Some divorces involve uncontrolled emotions resulting in cruel behavior.  A divorce attorney who is experienced the Nevada divorce laws can set in place a restraining order, if needed, and can also ensure that destruction of personal property is prevented and that domestic violence is reported to the proper authorities.  In most cases when a spouse is vindictive the situation won’t get better.  Know your rights. Understanding Nevada Divorce Laws A divorce...

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Marital Home: Sell, Keep, Or…?

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One of the biggest financial assets in any divorce is the marital home. Even if you purchased the house before the marriage, the house (or at least a part of its value) may still be considered marital or “community” property. Deciding what you want to do with your house involves examining your finances to decide what makes the most sense. If, for example, you have significant credit card debts from the marriage that you’d like to pay off, it may make sense to sell the house to liquidate those unsecured debts. If the real estate market...

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The Difference between a divorce and a legal separation.

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Most people know what a divorce is and the objectives they can accomplish in a divorce proceeding. Parties to a divorce proceeding can have the issues of child custody, division of property, and alimony adjudicated by a judge or settled between them. Once a divorce proceeding is finalized, each party to the divorce is restored to the status of a single, unmarried person. Thus, they can be legally married to another person. Nevada law permits married parties to legally separate without obtaining a divorce. In these legal separations, also known...

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