Most people don't know what they need to know when it comes to D.U.I information. Here are the most frequent questions asked about D.U.I.s as well as some informative charts on blood alchohol concentration levels.

1.- What do police officers look for when searching for drunk drivers on the highways?

2.- Do I have a right to an attorney when I'm stopped by an officer and asked to take a field sobriety test?

3.- What is the officer looking for during the initial detention at the scene?

4.- Should I agree to take a breath test?

5.- Do I have a choice of chemical tests?

6.- The officer never gave me a Miranda warning: Can I get my case dismissed?

7.- What is the criminal punishment if I am convicted of DUI?

8.- What is a sentence "enhancement"?

9.- What is a deferred prosecution?

10.- What is an ignition interlock?

11.- What are the licensing consequences if I take the BAC test or refuse the test?

12.- Do I have the right to an Administrative Hearing before my license is suspended?

13.- Am I entitled to an occupational license to drive to and from work, RCW 46.20.391?

1.- Blood Alchohol Concentration Chart (FEMALE)

2.- Blood Alchohol Concentration Chart (MALE)

3.- How drinking impairs driving

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